Annual Awards & Gala Nominations

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Now accepting nominations for 2020:
Business of the Year
Small Business of the Year
Tom Shoemake Leadership Award
Ernie McAnaw Award
Jim Gillie Outstanding Citizen Award

Each year, the Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce recognizes businesses and individuals that have made a significant impact in our community. Submitting a nomination is simple. Once we receive a nomination, we will notify the business or individual and supply them with their nominee form. Submit your nominations today. (see criteria below) Winners of each award will be presented at our Annual Awards & Gala at Hilton Garden Inn.

Below are the winners from previous years.

Rising Star Award

Emily Allen-Worrell      2019

Business of the Year Award

This prestigious award will be presented to a successful business of any size that is innovative and demonstrates a propensity for growth, community involvement and job creation. Has proven staying power-has been in business over five years.

Truity Credit Union           2012

Service and Technology   2013

Keepsake Candles, Inc.     2014

Sutterfield Financial Group 2015


Safari Smiles 2017

Tri County Tech 2018

Tate Boys Serice & Tire 2019

Small Business of the Year Award

This award will honor a small business that stands out for their sustainability, job growth, contribution to our local economy, and the overall progress of the Bartlesville area. Must be independently owned and have less than thirty full time equivalent employees. Must have proven staying power – has been in business over three years.

21st Sensory                 2012

Frank and Lola’s          2013

Architectural Fabricators Co., Inc. 2014

Advanced Hearing Care – Dr. Stephanie Moore 2015

Berkshire Hathaway, HomeServices, Anderson Properties (McAnaw Realty) 2016

Keleher Outdoor Advertising 2017

Career Employment 2018

PDG+Creative 2019

The Tom Shoemake Award

The intent of this award is to recognize a Bartlesville citizen who exhibits outstanding community leadership. They must exhibit true leadership by having the courage to make tough decisions, the confidence to stand alone, the compassion to listen to the needs of others, and does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the quality of his/her actions and the integrity of his/her intent. They have served in active leadership roles in Bartlesville and/or surrounding regions.

Tom Shoemake                       2006

Morris McCorvey                    2007

Sherry Cox                               2008

Sandra Kent                             2009

Charlie and Julie Daniels        2010

John B Kane                             2011

Mike Wilt                                2012

Bob Fraser                               2013

Jason Hopkins                          2014

Mike Moore                            2015

Brian Lawrence                      2016

Stephen Colaw                       2017

Chuck McCauley                    2018

Dan Droege                            2019

The Ernie McAnaw Award

Honoring exceptional individuals, who personify the highest level of professional excellence, devote time and energy to serve our community, and promote leadership opportunities for women. Nominees may be the manager, employee, or sole proprietor of any Chamber member business. They assist women in reaching their full leadership potential, have given back to the community through their leadership in community service, and have been honored for their service to their profession, industry, or community.

Kathleen Rutledge      2006

Julie Daniels                2007

Donna Skelly              2008

Anita Risner                2009

Dorea Potter              2010

Andrea Novak            2011

Gayle Lester               2012

Sonya Sayles                2013

Debbie Mueggenborg 2014

Bertha Lanckriet         2015

Sherri Wilt                   2016

Gina Elias                    2017

Jamie Eccleston Wood   2018

Sherry Rackcliff            2019

The Frank Phillips Award

This award recognizes those citizens who contribute time, energy, and talents to Bartlesville economic development efforts. It is awarded by the Bartlesville Development Corporation and the Bartlesville Regional Chamber of Commerce. Award retired 2013

Jim Dunlap                  1999

Scott K. Ambler           2000

Ron Nikkel                   2001

Donny Story                 2002

Charlie Bowerman      2003

Kelly Diven                  2004

Ted Lockin                   2005

Lisa Beeman               2006

Glenn Bonner              2007

Dr. Everett Piper         2008

Ed Gordon                   2009

ConocoPhillips             2010

David Stire                  2011

David King                   2012

Tri County Tech           2013

Jim Bohnsack              2016

Tom Gorman               2017

Earl Sears                   2018

Tyler Vaclaw               2019

Bartlesville Outstanding Citizens

Nominee has been a community “hero” by giving unselfishly of his/her time and talent for the benefit of others and to make our community a better place to live. Nominees must have 10 years or more of volunteer service to our community.

Kenneth Hughers        January 1985

George Schumaker     January 1986

Charles Cummings      March 1986

Roger Moyer               April 1986

Jan Gillie                     May 1986

Marilyn Rose               September 1986

Donna Kay Fenstermaker October 1986

Dr. John D. Foote        November 1986

Jim Wilaford               January 1987

Paul Endacott              February 1987

Ken Neubauer             March 1987

Gladys & Rudie Janzen   April 1987

G.C. Richardson          March 1988

Barbara McCoy           May 1988

Bill Steinbrook             October 1988

Loretta Ramsey           November 1988

Paul Hefty                   January 1989

Lyle Don Carlos           February 1989

George Hickman         March 1989

Arch Robbins               April 1989

Bill Creel                     November 1989

Barbara Lyon              September 1990

Phil Lorenz                  October 1990

Marge & Bill Beasley  November 1990

Bill Blakemoore          February 1991

Dixie Cody                   April 1991

Richard Kane               May 1991

Iris Hefty                     November 1991

Ernie McAnaw            January 1992

Sister Edna Mae          February 1992

Bettye Williams          January 1993

Wilber Phelan             April 1993

Richard Cooper           May 1993

Monsieur Moore         June 1993

Harold Lowry              November 1993

Jean Hays                    February 1994

June Prichard              April 1994

John Westfall              November 1994

Grace Hickman           September 1996

Cordelia Liggett          September 1997

Stephen Colaw            September 1998

Pauline Kenton            September 1999

John Mihn                   2000

Francis Gardner          2001

Alan Eastman              2002

Bill Bohon                    2003

Betty Dalrymple          2004

Bill Cordill                   2005

Charlie Daniels           2006

Ann-Janette & Jay Webster    2007

Donna Kay Fenstermaker       2008

Mark & Debbie Haskell          2009

Bill Alexander             May 2010

Gordon Grant              May 2011

Chris Cook                   May 2012

Bob Pomeroy              May 2013

Charlie & Corky Bowerman May 2014

M’Liss Jenkins             May 2015

Martin Garber              May 2016

George Halkiades       May 2017

Deb Cook                    May 2018