The Price Tower Arts Center welcomes six finalists from across the nation

The Price Tower Arts Center welcomes six finalists from across the nation as they approach the last leg of the Wright Chef competition this weekend.  Finalists arrive at the Tulsa International Airport on Friday and will be immediately escorted into the competition to receive the rules of engagement from program mentor, Chef Kurtess Mortensen, at the Mercantile in Pawhuska around 1pm.  From there, they will drop off their bags and continue to the next top-secret phase of the contest.   Each contestant will have only a few hours of prep time before the weekend long finale and chance to be the first Wright Chef, Culinary Artist in Residence, at the Price Tower.  The media is invited to join us. Details below.
The competition was steep for the first year of this program.  The Price Tower received over 140 applications from contestants spanning from Los Angeles to New York.   Over the last month, the committee and Chef Kurtess have been working diligently to determine the six finalists.  Two finalists will be arriving from Chicago, one from New Orleans, one from Miami, and one from Dallas.  A sixth candidate, a local from Bartlesville, made the cut and will be going head to head with this exceptional lineup of extraordinary Chefs.  In a closed door competition, before a panel of 12 judges at Tri-County Technical Institute, the Chefs will prepare 5 courses in hopes of flattering the palates of some of the top Culinarians in the Region over the course of a two-day cooking competition.  The format?  Imagine Masterchef meets Iron Chef, with its own unique elements to be its own Wright Chef competition.  Well known judges from across the region include Scotty Irani of “In the Kitchen with Scotty,” Chef Miranda Kaiser of Laffa Medi-Eastern Restaurant & Bar, John Klein of Tulsa World, Chef Case Dighero of Crystal Bridges, Chef Robert Merrifield of Polo Grill, Chef Jarred Jordan of Summit Club, Chef Tiffany Poe of Tulsa Food magazine,  and Karlie Tipton of Oklahoma Today…just to name a few.
The winner of  Wright Chef will move to Bartlesville in January to live in one of the Price Tower suites for a year as Culinary Artist in Residence, where they will execute their dream vision for a culinary experience in the 15th Floor Copper Restaurant + Bar.  With no limitations except that of their imagination, they will have one month to create their concept for launch in February.  The
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winner will be the face of this unique program, and take creative lead for one year, where the next winner will start the process over the following January.
We extend the invitation to media to join us at the Meet & Greet reception, Saturday evening at 5:30pm to interview the judges and candidates at the Bartlesville Community Center.  To arrange interviews or inquire about other opportunities during this weekend long competition, please contact Angelina Boungou, Director of Advancement at 260-498-9566.

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