Half of all children have been bitten by a dog!

Local State Farm Agent offers resources
One of the most traumatic events that can happen to a child is being bitten by man’s best friend. More than 50 percent of all dog bite victims are children, and half of all children age 12 and younger have been bitten by a dog.
That’s why State Farm agent Danielle Weaver is sharing Fido, Friend or Foe?, a free dog bite activity book, with local children. Weaver recently donated the publication to the Washington County SPCA and has copies available in .
With an estimated 89 million dogs living in U.S. households, children can be at risk for dog bite injuries. While most dogs will never bite, Weaver wants to remind the community that any dog can bite regardless of breed or type. “We believe that educating our children about being responsible around dogs will reduce injuries, because under the right circumstances, any dog might bite,” said Weaver.
State Farm has seen a 57 percent increase in the amount paid for dog-related injury claims over the past decade, with $1.3 million paid out in Oklahoma in 2017.
Weaver is offering free copies of Fido, Friend or Foe? to the public. “The purpose of the activity book is to teach children how to act responsibly and safely around dogs,” Weaver added. “It offers guidance on how to treat dogs, including never trying to take away a dog’s toy, and being careful around a mother dog with puppies.”
If you are interested in a free copy of Fido, Friend or Foe?, please stop by State Farm agent Danielle Weaver’s office at 2339 Nowata Place in Bartlesville.