Sutton Avian 1st Hatchling is HERE!

The first eagle egg has hatched in our Bartlesville webcam nest! Exciting news from the Sutton Avian Research Center! The eagle eggs are hatching and can be viewed LIVE on our website: After a weekend with a lot of commotion including wind, wildfires, and smoke, two eaglets decided it was time to hatch! Two eaglets hatched and fledged successfully last season, and we are hoping to watch all three eggs hatch and fledge this year! Eagles lay each egg several days apart, but begin incubation with the first egg, so the eggs also hatch several days apart. The young eaglets remain in the nest for about 12 weeks, allowing ample time for viewers to watch them grow! Watch as the adult eagles bring food to the nest, feed the eaglets, and then see the nestlings turn into fledglings as they gradually learn to fly! The Sutton Avian Research Center’s first and most well-known project to re-establish the southern bald eagle began in the 1980s with a goal of establishing 10 nesting pairs in the state. As a result of our work, we now have over 300 active nests right here in Oklahoma!