See what makes Bartlesville such a great community.

Why Bartlesville?

More than a place to live, Bartlesville is a tapestry of community connections. It is a place you can call home.


Thanks to a vibrant fabric of nonprofit and community organizations, Bartlesville’s community spirit includes a civic spirit rich with opportunities to join with others and make a difference.


Bartlesville area citizens recognize and value the importance of quality health care. That is one reason why so many consider themselves fortunate to live in a community that is served by Jane Phillips Medical Center.


Classic, old charm houses, unique neighborhoods and modern downtown lofts make up the city of Bartlesville. With an affordable cost of living Bartlesville can offer a variety of choices for all budgets.

Arts & Entertainment

From ballets and broadways to art exhibits and play towers, Bartlesville has your family and night life entertainment covered. Enjoy our local restaurants and unique downtown shopping.


Bartlesville area citizens recognize and value the importance of education in the community.

Size Matters

In Bartlesville, the word “community” is sized just right — complete with a critical mass of cultural diversity, civic engagement, and economic opportunity.